Hertzog’s musicianship shines through and bright walking riffs on tracks such as “Star Drops” and “Traces of You” evoke images of devoted researchers working through vast amounts of data in pursuit of knowledge
— James Dacey, Physics World
THE YOUNG AXE MASTER changes things up just a bit by adding Randy Brecker to his regular trio for some extra fusional zip. Other than that, he’s still that super picking tyro that knows how to wield an ax like a knife. The only real difference here is that he’s hit the ripe old age of 27 and his playing reflects the maturity and depth picked up along the way. Other than that, he’s just as right on as ever. Hot stuff throughout.
— Chris Spector, Editor & Publisher, Midwest Records
Jake Hertzog truly has his own style. The breadth of his influences crosses over genres and broadens the spectrum of what is considered to denote jazz fusion.
— Susan Frances, Yahoo.com
The expectations have been set high for Jake Hertzog since he had gotten off to such a nice start to his career. Throwback meets those lofty expectations.
— S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews
One of the very few prolific young guitarists to convincingly embrace the potential of blending a jazz and rock style of performing.
— John Barron, thejazzword.blogspot.com
Highly impressive and imaginative
— George W. Harris,  jazzweekly.com
Throwback emerges as a major milestone in Hertzog’s young career
— Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz 
Some of the most vibrant, uplifting, toe tapping jazz that makes Throwback one of this year’s best releases.
— Rob Nagy, The Mercury, Philadelphia 
Some of the finest jazz you’re likely to hear this this year.
— Jack Goodstein, blogcritics.org
Jake Hertzog can chord it with real grace or solofire in ways that burn, but originally - not like somebody else really. Jake has a vision that comes across. The fire of rock, the finesse of jazz
— Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog


A well-placed group of collaborators — from the Beach Boys’ Blondie Chaplin to Living Colour’s Corey Glover to the always-funky Ivan Neville — give life to the Young President’s aptly named Coalition. ... Come, if you must, for the big name contributors, but stay — you really must — for the smart songcraft, flinty licks and transformatively present narratives constructed for them by Hertzog and Kaneff.

NICK DERISO, Somethingelsereviews.com

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