Jake Hertzog Trio

Jake's rock-jazz group has been performing together around the world since 2008. They have released four studio albums - Chromatosphere, Patterns, Evolution, Throwback (featuring Randy Brecker) and the latest, Beyond The Standard Model vol I, Throwback.

Harvie S on bass and Victor Jones on Drums.

Firefly - Live at Engine Room Audio, NYC

Photo by Deneka Peniston

Photo by Allen Clark

The Young Presidents

Jake Hertzog and Mitch Kaneff, core members of The Young Presidents, are creating an electrifying vision of rock music by collaborating with some of the world’s most talented entertainers including:

Corey Glover (Living Colour), Anton Fig (Late Night with Letterman drummer), Blondie Chaplin (Beach Boys, Rolling Stones), Ivan Neville, Adam Ezra and Grammy-winning producer Rob Fraboni (Stones, Bonnie Raitt, The Band).

Jake plays guitar, sings and co-writes lyrics and music with bassist Mitch Kaneff.

Unacceptable You - Official Music Video

Hey Jazz Guy

Jake's educational project, Hey Jazz Guy, is the also a series of jazz instructional articles and videos Jake has written for Guitar Player magazine. With over 30 articles published to date, Hey Jazz Guy has become a new brand for jazz education. The official Hey Jazz Guy website was launched in May 2012 as an online resource and companion to the magazine. In addition, a HJG ibook is currently in development. Jake has performed numerous solo and full band workshops and has been a guest director for student big bands. Education will always be part of Jakes mission to get the world to jazz hard! 

Latest Hey Jazz Guy Video on Walking Bass & Chords

Photo by Deneka Peniston

Photo by Deneka Peniston

Well Lit Shadow

Well Lit Shadow is a suite for solo electric guitar inspired by the images of particle collisions. The music was composed as a set of nine pieces with short improvisations leading from one to the next. Some of the pieces are very literal, they are an attempt to depict the chaos and beauty of these collisions and the images produced by our measurements of them. Other pieces are meditations on the deeper meaning of these experiments, the incredible machines we have created to do them, and the secret knowledge we have built them to pursue. 

Improvisation takes a literal meaning in this piece, representing the unpredictability of the particles themselves and the uncertainty of what will be discovered. Jake also performs the Well Lit Shadow suite live with multi-media accompaniment.


Stringscapes is a brand new project that seeks to express the wild beauty of planet earth through music in a guitar duo format, featuring the brilliant classical guitarist Yishai Fisher.

Stringscapes is to pushes the boundaries in the classical world by incorporating a wide range of jazz and folk guitar influences, while adhering to the harmonic spectrum laid down by the post romantic and 20th century classical composers. 

The new album is set for release in fall 2018 on Fretmonkey Records