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Jake Hertzog is a movie star handsome young musician who is still playing rock and jazz but has distilled into a tighter, more distinctive and more coherent style of his own, developing into a force his background has always pointed toward. His finesse with the guitar is as fine as it gets: he's even been called a `blazing wunderkind' by Guitar Player magazine and praised him for his unorthodox intervallic maneuvers, unique hybrid picking technique and startlingly fresh approach to the fretboard. Other ritics have been equally effusive calling him `a force to be reckoned with in the six-string world'.

The sound variety and style variety he brings to this new album is spectacular. His choice of comrades in this venture is a sure one. The ensemble here is Jake Hertzog-Guitar, Randy Brecker-Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Harvie S-Acoustic and Electric Bass, and Victor Jones-Acoustic and Electric Drums.

The tracks on this album are as follows:
All Over Now
Cleared to fly
Is It Summer
Hands On
Sending Home
Sweet Moon
First to Rise

As Bill Milkowski states, `The album title, Jake explains, has to do with both his attitude toward the music and the method in which it was recorded. "From the inception of this project, the idea was to go a little bit back-to-basics and make a very classic one-day, four-microphone, one-take type of jazz record, in contrast to my other albums that were really more done like rock albums with overdubs and sound changes and things like that. This one is really a throwback to a 1960s conception of a jazz record. You get four dudes in a room, you put up a couple of mics, you got one day, you hit the record button and that's the record. And it was kind of a natural way to do this particular record because we didn't have a lot of rehearsal time, we didn't have a big tour leading up to the recording session. So it was strictly a whatever happens, happens scenario in the studio." This album is an all around winner. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, November 13